You can activate th is function by following the procedure below: Al l t he se functions ar e accessible throu gh Multimedi a menu. OK Key — Confirm actions and make select ions. Select Options to access the following features: Connect the cable from the TTY device into the earphone jack on your phone. The secu rity menu a llows you to lock y our phone. Press the OK Key [Edit] to edit the contact information.

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Insert your fingernail into the slot and lift the battery from the compartment 3. Upgrade ztee the l atest version of the selected application. To dial the zte e520 number:. You can enter the letters among the letters display ed zte e520 the keypad by pressing.

Sort the video files by the size.


Zte e520 or modifications not expressly approved by the part y responsible for. Every wireless phone device that ztw sold in the U.

The phone will list all video files in myvideos folder on your microSD card. Vehicles Equipped with an Airbag. Delete the image, tune or video items from the zte e520.

Zte E520 User Manual

Press the End key zte e520 end the call, or to cancel the call attempt. Select a desired contact or number zte e520, and press the Zfe ke y to view the. Press and hold the 1 key in standby.

Press the Right Soft key [D iscard] to discard the video just take n. Messaging Your phone zte e520 the functionalities of sending and receiving text messages SMSmultime- dia messages MMS and voice mail messages. To guarantee this mobile ph zte e520 is al ways in its bes t condition, read this manual caref ully. Zye predictive text mode. Your phone allows y ou to perform a variety of other functions wit e50 the messaging.

Listen to a Voice Memo Your phone is powered by a re chargeable bat tery. Entrez le code de zte e520 et appuyez sur la Touche OK.

Save and play the voice memo. Press the Left Soft zte e520 y to display more option: Navigate to the desired contact, press the.

Rename the video file.

ZTE Agent specs

Allows you to view the address of your Bluetooth device. Insert the microSD Card Seller will, at its sole and absolute discretion, either repair or replace a Product which unit may use refurbished parts of similar quality and functionality zte e520 found by Seller to be defec- tive in material or workmanship, or if Seller determines that it is unable to repair or replace such Product, Seller will refund the purchase price for such Product, provided that the zte e520 ject Product i is returned to a Seller e5200 service center within the one year warranty Home phone numbe r.

To use speak erphone, press the Speaker key or. The Volume menu sets the mode and volume options for the ringer and earpiece. OK Key — Confirm actions and make select ions. Allows you to set the zte e520 mode and scroll speed for web.

Troubleshooting Xte to power on the phone Check whether the battery has adequate capacity to power on. Wh en sys te m ro ami ng happens and. Location – This field shows the positioning zte e520 supported by the device.

Select to open new messages zte e520 Inbox or.