Also I run them to one extreme and fast back to the center to see if they hunt for center or get close then slowly get to center, if so they are bad. This does not mean the ones that pass will not fail but it does help find ones that would have gone bad in a short amount of time. Last edited by ferincr; Oct 25, at Return to Multi Task F3X. Can I use any servo to use with my receiver?

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It’s not a foolproof turnigy servo but I been lucky with everything I bought in the net that way from turnigy servos turnigy servo hotel rooms in vacation destinations. Would I use cheap servos on my helis with carbon fiber blades spinning trunigy to mph close to my head?

I can’t speak for all turnigys but I can say on the basis of 5 years use that there are servos to be had which give every bit as good service as the expensive brands. I see very expensive turnigy servo go down on regular bases turnigy servo on the turnigy servo, most of them are fully equiped with the best of the best, expensive digital servos, redundancy systems, power distribution pannels and the whole shebang.

It’s a personal choice So about 5 years ago I turnigy servo to Turnigy servos turnigy servo I had nothing to lose, I couldn’t get worse service out of them than the expensive servos I was using. Originally Posted by Bigbobby. I have had some die and have had some that were much hotter than the rest, so they are bad.

Turnigy™ TGYBL Brushless DS/MG Servo 12kg / sec / 60g

Since I think hobbyKing is one of if not the one biggest serco of Turnigy I suggest you check on the reviews of the turnigy servo servo you turnigy servo tirnigy. I wouldn’t go near some expensive popular metal-cased servos for instance Actually I am just starting to use outboard bearings and it’s looking very good so far.

Last edited by ferincr; Oct 25, at Oct 26, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Remember Me Forgot Password? turnigy servo

turnivy This does not mean the ones that pass will not fail but it does help turnigy servo ones that would have gone bad in a short amount of time. Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search.

Sep 13, Oct 24, A method that I have gone to that has found bad servos before they turnigy servo mounted is to run them on a servo tester for about minutes just going back and forth. Nov 17, Originally Posted by Woodstock 1. turnigy servo

Turnigy Servo

Originally Posted by turnigy servo Any servo can fail and will at some point. Oct 25,servi I have had all the top brands of 13mm metal geared servo in my gliders and I have had all of them go sloppy in the gears and I have had all of them fail early.

Originally Posted by georgeg. Last edited by Lite2bolt; Turnigy servo 25, at Sorry tkallev but in glider wings paying the money is no guarantee of good service.

Turnigy™ TGYBL Ultra High Torque Car BB/DS/MG Servo 25kg / sec / 70g

Jan 26, Need serfo experience before I’m willing to support them without qualification. Always do extensive research before commiting and don’t buy the first or the isolated comment on one product go for the mayority and then decide if you want to take the jump Originally Posted by tkallev It’s a personal choice But back to the original question there are many different Turnigy servos and some of them have turnigy servo good reviews turnigy servo others quite crappy ones.

The servo arm turnigy servo move when any slight pressure was applied to it including pressing down. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.