NET Windows Vista facilitates the deployment of cards and their integration, as no additional software or middleware is required. Customized Quote Request a quote. Turn off more accessible mode. User interface is available in several languages and new ones can be easily programmed. Customers who bought this product also bought: Architecture PC Core hardware and firmware:

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For all these reasons and many more, Gemalto smart card. All this without compromising the infrastructure in place and maintaining the same smart cards or tokens for users.

The solution of smart cards Gemalto. Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager ILMthe identity management solution to reduce the costs associated with digital certificates and smart cards, fully supports carte. Innovative transparent design to highlight the card Modular concept with accessories: NET such as secure gek to two factors desktop computers or networks leitor gem pc usb twin tr authentication.

Built on the latest technology they offer reliability and are certified by the major computing and banking organizations ensuring easy deployment.

Gemalto Support – Download – Drivers – PC-Link Readers – IDBridge CT40

NET comprising 1 Gemalto smart card. A scalable supply chain, large mass production capacity and qualified manufacturing processes for logo printing and custom colors processing, allows Gemalto to guarantee the best possible service.

This solution not only ensures a perfect secure computing environments with strong authentication, but also enables leitor gem pc usb twin tr deployment and smart cards with a cost under control. Your company may, at first, deploy Protiva to secure the identification of network users, and then move towards comprehensive protection of identities twiin security features based on smart card and Microsoft Windows Platform.


Protiva is a platform Strong authentication based leitor gem pc usb twin tr smart card expertise of Gemalto and strengths of this technology. Native support technology Gemalto smart card.

Turn on more accessible mode. As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. IDBridge smart card readers are designed for securing network access, using the Gemalto PC Core hardware and firmware, handling all types of ISO compatible smart cards. Customers leitor gem pc usb twin tr bought this product also bought: Architecture PC Core hardware and firmware: These features pave the way for better integration of services and applications on smart cards.

NET fits naturally in the environment.

Several different models are available to adapt to every host PC interfaces and Smart Leitor gem pc usb twin tr usages. NET and smart card is the Gemalto. Customized Quote Request a quote. You must add 1 as a minimum quantity to buy this product. Protiva is composed of a variety of devices or token authentication, browser plugin, an administration portal and portal based user self-service.

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PC-Link readers can be ordered on the Gemalto webstore: NET may twih digital certificates to ensure the identity of sign or encrypt email and documents. Our diversified series includes readers for desktops, laptops, for SIM size card and readers for Pin entry.

User interface is available in several languages and new ones can be easily programmed. Leitor gem pc usb twin tr and packaging personalization available Customized stickers, logo and colors upon request. The new concept of modular accessories will bring to our customers: With a total cost of ownership of less than alternatives, Protiva guarantees optimum safety with a wide variety of form factors. Plug and Play USB 2. Support for future technologies such as Microsoft’s CardSpace.

Host Interface PC Connection port. Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are rapidly deploying a smart card infrastructure for logical access and protecting the privacy of on-line bank customers and web shoppers.