Data Visualization is one of the ongoing trends in the software market. It can break down the information as simple as possible with best visual representation.

There are many data visualization jobs vacancies available in the market and this article; we are going to provide you tips for preparing for the data visualization job interviews.

  1. Have a strong foundation on basics: Sometimes we prepare for the high-level interview questions and forget to brush the basics. It is important to have a strong foundation on the basic concepts like how to use bind, apply, call in Javascript.One is expected to be asked a low-level Javascript questions in the initial rounds of the interview (this has nothing to do with the data visualization).
  2. Prepare Front-End engineering: Front end engineering concepts like HTML, CSS and DOM are also tested in the interviews of companies like Uber, Capgemini, etc. Also, prepare for the coding questions which are visualization specific.
  3. Prepare on theme based questions: Theme based questions are quite common in the interviews related to Data Visualization. Theme based questions are given to test the problem-solving ability of a candidate.If a candidate can solve the theme based question and is able to derive many alternatives to the given problem, then he or she has the high chances of bagging the interview.
  4. Non-Technical Round: Most of the Global companies test your personality in the non-technical round. This has nothing to do with the technicalities of your data visualization, but one must prepare to answer generic questions like “Why you want to work for that particular company?” What are you expecting from the organization? And finally what value can you add to the organization.You approach towards answering this question would be the critical factor of being selected in an interview. This is the area very many people overlook, and they don’t prepare beforehand for such questions. If you are well prepared to face such questions, then you have the high chances of cracking the interview.

    Make sure that you show interest while answering those generic questions. When the interviewer finds that you are interested to join his company, then you increase the chances of getting hired.

  5. Pay Attention: Try to pay attention to each and every detail being discussed in the interview and look at the bigger picture of the company. Do your homework about what the company is, and what they are looking for in the candidate.

Hope you would follow the tips mentioned above and groom yourself accordingly, for the interview. As there are many data visualization jobs vacancies, prepare for the best and grab the job in a good MNC.


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