The sensor cube is designed specifically for integration in other products and solutions. Maximum accuracy – advanced authentication algorithm produces higher levels of accuracy and application versatility. Please verify the operations yourself if you are intended to use it in a virtual environment. Provides a function to diagnose malfunctions in the sensor that can be used to identify failures. A collection of diagrams related to the sensor and other hardware, and how to mount the sensor. Technical details Documents Technical details.

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Note4 Minimum required space only for the Authentication library. The firmware on the sensor unit can be updated easily with the firmware update tool.

Describes procedures, precautions, and the development environment for fujitsu palmsecure sensor palm vein authentication systems. Our palm vein authentication realize advanced authentication accuracy because the palm vein pattern has many and large size of fujitsu palmsecure sensor vessels. Terms of Use Imprint Contact Privacy. Pro – Windows Related Links Contact Contact Us.

Enhanced password-based Active Directory login networks with biometric technology. Electronic Devices Semiconductors Electromechanical Components. IT Products and Systems. Business and Application Services.

However, working out which is the right biometric technology to implement is dependent on the use case. Skip to main content.

What makes Fujitsu PalmSecure standout? Note5 Authentication library has been tested in the following fujitsu palmsecure sensor. Customer story Hear how PalmSecure is used by customer. We offer three solutions tailored to the most common uses as a starting point: A library of programs which enrolls palm vein data and authenticates users.

PalmSecure OEM Sensor STD – Fujitsu CEMEA&I

Theft Protection – Accessories Product Overview: Fujitsu Product Support Services. Skip to main content. Recommended connector at the Sensor side: News Press Release Sesor Events.

Theft Protection – Accessories. Contact Us Get in contact with us.

Note2 The Authentication library requires 48MB or more memory. However, fujitsu palmsecure sensor virtual environments may require more processing time and memory than the physical environments. Sensor is built in an optical mouse. The firmware update tool provides support for the sensor maintenance.

Supporting efficient development The SDK contains all the hardware and software required for development, and a complete set of all documentation. The sensor cube is designed specifically for integration in other products and solutions. In addition, contactless fujitsu palmsecure sensor is hygienic and non-invasive which promotes a high-level of user acceptance.

Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Solutions

Palm vein authentication technology can also be integrated into fujiitsu applications. It provides a powerful combination of strong biometric authentication for log-in security, access management and data protection for fujitsu palmsecure sensor environments. PalmSecure Sensor PalmSecure is a biometric authentication device that provides the highest level of security using palm vein authentication technology.