Embedded systems manage complex data in growing volumes. Commercial pressures compel shorter development cycle with the demands for speed, reduced costs, reliability, and features.

McObject has created eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) and the related product family in order to match these challenges. There are thousands of embedded software developers who have worked with eXtremeDB and this particular database plays a major role in deploying the applications, ranging from networking gear to set-top boxes, industrial controllers, mission critical avionics, medical technology, and more.

And, those looking for Tibco BW Jobs, then it can be really handy to have knowledge of different kinds of advanced databases like eXtremeDB.

eXtremeDB is an increasingly popular choice for the development of embedded systems. Let’s discuss the key feature and different choices present in the product family.

Fastest Database System

eXtremeDB, as a IMDS, eliminates the I/O and latency sources. The in-process architecture eliminates inter-process communication overhead of the design of client and server. Your system gains speed without any expensive new hardware or rewrites.

Multi-Core Efficient

With the multi-version concurrency control transaction manager and advanced memory management, eXtremeDB completely leverages multi-threaded and multi-core systems.

Multiple Database Interfaces

eXtremeDB also provides additional application programming interfaces . For more or faster performance, you can use native C/C++ API of this IMDB. For standard support, you can choose ODBC-compliant eXtremeSQL. It also provides C# (.NET)  and native Java  APIs.

Rich Development Tools

A wide range of query types and supported data adds to the efficiency of the developer. eXtremeDB native C/C++ API is extremely intuitive for quick learning and it lends to maintainable and readable code. 

Choice in Indexes

The right database index boosts the system performance and minimizes the footprint. eXtremeDB also offers Patricia tries for IP/telecom, R-trees for geospatial data, Query-by-Example, and KD-trees for multi-dimensional data.

Source Code Available

It provides you the definitive transparency for developers who make use of eXtremeDB. You can also use this for learning, porting, and to add needed function.

eXtremeDB- Proven with Reliability
Both eXtremeDB Cluster and eXtremeDB High Availability databases provide basis for distributed architectures, where it can survive the software and hardware failures.

You can also fine-tune the data persistence with the eXtremeDB Transaction Logging. It also supports non-volatile RAM for storage.
When compared with self-developed data management, eXtremeDB is offered with the proven solution, QA, and support. The manufacturing costs are reduced with small size code and also minimal overhead. It means you require very less RAM. The streamlined design of eXtreme DB permits lower CPU cost. Drop in the price of the component offers the device cost advantage.

You can add additional CPU speed in order to provide a snappier user experience. You can also use extra money for managing more data without any increase in the cost.

You can leverage development investment with this portable database system. eXtremeDB runs easily on the new platforms and it also runs without any operating system.
Hybrid eXtremeDB fusion makes use of the persistent media for storing the data. You can also choose best component based form factor.

So, go ahead and acquire knowledge of advanced DBs like eXtremeDB before applying for Tibco BW Jobs in the industry.



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