The Cadillac BLS is a compact size executive car from the automobile manufacturer General Motors. The first BLS car had been designed and offered in the market since 2005. The car was developed by keeping an eye on the European market initially. This 4-door Cadillac BLS model is offered in two versions namely the sedan as well as station wagon. The assembly of the car is situated at Trollhattan in Sweden. The car is designed on the Epsilon architecture with the FF layout platform. The architecture is considered as the proprietary architecture of the General Motors.

The sales of the BLS Wagon started on March 2006, while the Station wagon model was introduced in the year 2007. Though, the wagon model was originally meant for the European Market, the executive car was sold in other countries such as South Korea, South Africa, Mexico and Arabian countries and Germany too. As a matter of fact, about 282 Cadillac BLS units were sold in the Germany in the year 2007. Technically, the car was equipped with the 5 and 6 speed automatic as well as manual transmission systems.

The length of the wagon model was about 185. 7 inches whereas other BLS model varied in length from 68.9 inches – 184.3 inches. The width and height of the wagon model car were about 69 inches and 60.7 inches respectively. However, the latest Cadillac BLS models are coming with the width and height of 68.9 inches and 57.9 inches respectively. The model is offered with both diesel and petrol engine. The engines are equipped with 1.9 L Fiat turbo diesel I4 engine or 2.0 L turbocharged Ecotec I4 engine. The model is also being offered with the 2.8 L HFV6 type engine.

It is equipped with the four cylinders along with the two power levels. The Cadilla c BLS model is considered as the smallest Cadillac model car in North America. As comparison to the CTS model car, this model is about six inches shorter. The Ecotec engines are coming under as low or high output turbo with the power varying from 175 hp to 210 hp whereas the HFV6 V6 turbo engines are generating the power varying from 250 hp to 276 hp, whilst the Cadillac model having Turbo diesel I4 engine produces the drive power varying from 150 hp to 180 hp.


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