The single most important factor to sell books at first sight of the viewers is a good enough book cover. It is important that one makes a sensible, attractive, apt and interesting cover for their eBook since it is the index of the contents of the book and sets the mood for the reader. One look at the eBook stores an you can spot a good number of repulsive looking book covers.

This plain lack of appropriate covers puts of a good number of potential readers. Just because eBook cover designing software is easily available, it does not mean that you jump at it and make a badly designed one without following any parameters, and knowing how to create ecovers. Here are a few tips that professional graphic designers use to create appealing covers for eBooks:

  1. Consider the size of the book: A designer must make sure that you make a cover for your eBook of the right size. There are times when you like an image that is larger than the size of the cover. In such cases, you can reduce the size of the image. Make sure you pick images that are of the highest quality: 2500 pixels on the longer side and 1563 pixels on the shorter side.
  2. Title: Have 2 to 3 options ready for your title. A longer title can take up a good amount of space on top of the cover. If you make the font size too small, then the title will look messy and unreadable. DO not add in clouds with extra information unless of course you have a review from the Sunday Times or if your book is a best seller. Too many clouds and shout spaces are going to make your cover look too much like a flyer. You can try out each one of your chosen titles once your designing is done to see what works best (this is if you are not too rigid about the title). But if you are definite about the title, make sure the cover design is appropriately designed around the title.
  3. Do not be too obvious: While it is generally agreed that your book cover must represent the contents, make sure that you provide some visuals from your book without having to give the story away. If the story is set in the 1800s, you could have some elements from the era on your book. One thing that always works is getting the title in the font that was popular during the era the book is set in.
  4. Move away from the clichés: The title, like the general design must not be too obvious. Puns are great, if you can use them in your title. If the story revolves a murder, do not state it in the title. The rule goes also to the image used on the cover as well – steer clear from using stock images for your covers, however attractive and nice it may look. If you think they will be reused, don’t go anywhere near them.
  5. Colours: Use unconventional colours, especially for the background. Using a white background can merge your book into the online bookshelf. Some black and white kindle users will also find trouble if the title and backdrop are one a shade away so make sure you use sharp contrasting colours that stand out.



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